Bon Iver – Perth (Hannes Fischer Remix)

Bon Iver – Perth (Hannes Fischer Remix)


Hannes Fischer is slowly but surely creeping up on my go to producers list. He caught my attention about a month ago with his slightly sped-up edit of Moon Boot‘s instaclassic jam “Got Somebody” (filters not included). More currently, Fischer released a remix of Bon Iver‘s gorgeous track “Perth”, baring light to his versatility as a producer. Fischer adds a steady beat to the song while still keeping the intended ambiance of the original track. Bon Iver fans rest assured; integrity has been upheld.


Hannes Fischer also has two remixes of Lana Del Ray‘s track “Summertime Sadness”. The Nightflight remixe is a bit more rockish and downloadable while his radio edit is more popish, string based, and only previewed.

Download: Lana Del Ray – Summertime Sadness (Hannes Fischer Nightflight Remix)


the instaclassic



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