Blatta & Inesha | Co-Ordinates EP

Blatta & Inesha | Co-Ordinates EP

Sometimes we need heavy, thumping beats. The type that brings bodies into a bouncy rhythms capable of lasting until sunrise. Minimal lights, max out the volume, and let the music thrive. This is the sound Blatta & Inesha have been delivering to listeners for the last couple of years. Their combination of Italian electro and 4×4 techno have impressed some of the industries biggest brains, and have lead to 3 successful U.S. tours as well as EP releases on Dim Mak, U&A, Bad Life, and now their Co-Ordinates release on Southern Fried Recordings. The EP features 3 slamming 128bpm brain scramblers, each with their own theme when it comes to the earth’s layout. Slap these on the speakers and don’t apologize when the neighbor comes knocking.

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Blatta & Inesha - Coordinates EP

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