What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of Brazil? Yeah, that’s what I thought of too. I am, however, developing a very close second. Brazilian funk and disco isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon, but it has been hiding south of the equator. Young cats like Beerlover are taking the well established french house sound and blending it with some South American flavor that tastes pretty darn good. Having just recently stumbled upon him I know close to nill about Beerlover besides that he is from Brazil, he is 19, and his music makes me dance like Carlton Banks when nobody else is home (not really, but I’m dancin’ hard for sure). Beerlover’s most recent release is an upbeat disco track on the UK french-house compilation “Never Say Never” titled ‘Miss You‘. Although ‘Miss You’ is noteworthy itself, it is his somewhat older tracks (merely two months) that have me buzzing. The slower pace and tampered samples create a lethargic twacked-out disco that I won’t be shaking off anytime soon. Get it while it’s hot… and by get it, I mean heart it.



Posted on July 2, 2012 in Dance, Disco, Music

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