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Listening into the wee hours of the night/morning, BBC Radio 1 rolled out another edition of their Essential Mix today, this time with SoundLogik favorite Beardyman! The entire 2 hour mix is done vocally by Beardyman, with help of a few loopers and samplers. For those of you on the fence about attending Coachella, Beardyman will be performing on Friday and it is bound to be an epic show. This is a must have mix for all music enthusiasts! Be sure to listen, bookmark, and download!

:: Beardyman – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix ::


Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band — Express Yourself
Hall & Oates — I Can’t Go For That
Beardyman — You’re Not Part Of Me
A Tribe Called Quest — Can I Kick It
Saint Etienne — Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Beardyman — All The Girls Be Touching My Ooh
Cee Lo Green — Forget You
Kings of Tomorrow — Finally
Beardyman — Cheese And Crackers
Tomcraft — Happiness
Beardyman — Unzip My Armpits
Daft Punk — Da Funk
Underworld — King Of Snake
Beardyman — Going Deep
Shakedown — At Night
Beardyman — I Don’t Know
Beardyman — Get Dutty
Leftfield — Phat Planet
Beardyman — I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend
Beardyman — Pyramid, Square, Rectangle, Yeah!
Beardyman — Glonk
Frankie Goes to Hollywood — Power Of Love
Beardyman — We Don’t Know Where We’re Going
The All Seeing I — The Beat Goes On
Beardyman — Back It Up
Beardyman — ‘Av It
Beardyman — Not What You Planned For
Beardyman — Aahh
The Devlins — Crossing The River
Beardyman — Ready For The Burn
Leftfield — Release The Pressure

** To Download: right click on the track name and click “Save Link As..”


8 Responses to BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix | Beardyman

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  2. Smam says:

    I saw Beardyman at Reading 2010. He pulled off such a great performance :)

    • djaybay says:

      one might mistake me for *insert a symbolic green item which i am struggling to think of* due to the intense jealousy i feel

  3. Sean South says:

    Pure Silky Daycent

  4. zarathustra says:

    Beardsome excellence…

  5. Tom A Joke says:

    hm …beardy ;)

    PS. 2 much talent…

  6. geoff says:

    check out youtube Live at the underbelly in Edinbutgh, He does a version of Shimmy Shimmy Ya with a Scottish accent. Cracks me up every time.

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