Bass Tribe ft. MathMatix & Martian [10/18]

Bass Tribe ft. MathMatix & Martian [10/18]

Join us at this week’s very special edition of Bass Tribe. Music will be provided by our brothers in logik MathMatix along with myself, Martian. Vibe will be provided by the Tribe.

Where: The Stage Bar – Corner of 5th and F Street, San Diego CA 92101
Wnen: Thursday October 18th
Time: Doors – 10:00, Music-10:30
Age: 21+
Price: FREE

MathMatix is beginning to show huge potential as a production/DJ duo, especially in a lacking artist scene in SD. We’ve been able to listen to some sneak-peak previews currently unavailable to the public and can say that we’re excited where our brothers are headed, especially with their live setup which they debuted at Bass Tribe two weeks ago. Expect lots of bass.

MathMatix - Heat Stroke

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