Bass Science – Psychedelic American Boyhood [Free Album Download]

Bass Science – Psychedelic American Boyhood [Free Album Download]

The burgeoning west coast glitch scene continues to give birth to emerging talents seemingly everyday. Bass Science isn’t necessarily new, however the new Psychadelic American Boyhood album he just put out for free could very well be his breakout. Bass Science combines glitchy, spacey synths with dubstep rhythms and the heaviest bass that combine to make some of the more futuristic bass beats we’ve come across in some time. Released on the Made In Glitch label, which has housed bass music names such as Gladkill, Lunice and Salva, the Psychadelic American Boyhood EP keeps up to par with MIG releases and foreshadows a great awakening when it comes to space aged glitch. Keep tabs on Bass Science at the provided links below and don’t forget to download for FREE.

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Click to download Psychedelic American Boyhood

Bass Science - Psychadelic American Boyhood EP

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