Bart B More – The Box / Glow EP

Bart B More – The Box / Glow EP

Bart B More is back on his very own Secure Recordings with another out of the box techno release, featuring two tracks The Box and Glow. Known to experiment within the techno, electro, and acid sounds, in turn crafting something unique for virtually every track, Bart B More’s tracks are always forward thinking and out of the box. Therein lies the irony with his track called The Box, which uses a Justice-like keyboard build into some Boy Noize-ish repeating vocals, and drops into some nasty electro. Support for The Box includes Diplo, AC Slater, Martin Solveig, Crookers, TAI and more.

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Bart B More - The Box

Bonus Logik:: Bart B More also contributed to the new Peaches single Burst released on BNR last week.

Peaches - Burst! (Bart B More Remix)

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