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DJ Tech Review: Traktor DJ for iPad

Every once in awhile, there comes a piece of technology that completely changes the game. This time, it’s by SL darling Native Instruments. If you know anything about Traktor, the dj software, you’ll know how great it is for EDM djays. However, Traktor, like Serato requires you to tote a laptop to your gig, to…

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PrototypeRaptor – Nostalgiarithm [Album Review]

Support PrototypeRaptor on Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport Soundlogik has had nothing but good things to say about PrototypeRaptor. After a series of highly popular self-released tracks and remixes, many of which landed in the Top 10 on the Hypem charts, Jonathan Paulsen saw his first EP release on Cold Blank’s Burn The Fire imprint, further gaining him some well-deserved…

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Feed Me Death By Robots

Feed Me – Death By Robot EP

Support Feed Me on Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport With his first release on mau5trap of the year, Feed Me solidifies his 2013 dominance right off the bat. Unlike his Drum and  Bass alter ego, Spor, this three track EP is full of electro house, fidget, 8-bit goodness. The title track, Death By Robot incorporates strongly vocoded vocals which describe…

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Ableton Live 9

Top 10 Tech Innovations Of 2012 (Part 2)

Check Out The Rest of The TOP 10 List 1. Ableton Live 9 + Ableton Push Ableton changed the game when it released Session View, a groundbreaking way to play midi and audio loops, free of the restrictions of your classic arrangement view. Ableton Live 9 features a more refined toolset for DJs & producers…

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Figure Combined

Top 10 Tech Innovations Of 2012 (Part 1)

Check Out The TOP 5 Tech Innovations of 2012 6. iPad Music/DJ Apps: touchAble, Lemur, TouchOSC, Animoog, Figure, GarageBand, FL Studio Mobile To give credit where credit is due, we have charted both the iPad, as well as the apps that make it so powerful for a musician/DJ. Lemur, TouchOSC, touchAble, Animoog, Figure, GarageBand, & FL…

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Mix Of The Day: Wolfgang Gartner & Dillon Francis Start Monthly Radio Shows

It’s always wonderful to hear established EDM acts flex their dj set muscles and share their mixes with us. For those of us fans who can’t get out to their shows, it provides an insight into their dynamic live setups. Two big SL alums, Wolfgang Gartner and Dillon Francis recently started their weekly/monthly programs as…

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Ableton Live 9: Why You Need It

For the new version of Ableton Live, we decided to let it speak for itself through YouTube. Visit Ableton’s Website to learn all the details. As a bonus, Nicholas Jaar, SL alumni and all-around great artist, talks about his special uses for Ableton Live. BONUS LOGIK++


Kill The Noise – BLVCK MVGIC EP Review

On a day when millions of Americans decide on their next President, Kill The Noise aka Jake Stanczak decides to tackle as many musical genres as a listener can imagine. The title track, BLVCK MVGIC (Kill The Noise Part II) starts off with his namesake chant, sung by British choir, quickly blending and merging with…

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Seven Lions EP

Seven Lions Drops His Massive Days To Come EP on OWSLA

Be sure to support Seven Lions | Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport | Can you feel it? The winds of change are blowing in the EDM community and Seven Lions seems to be filling the sails and hoisting the mast with his unique take on popular electronic genres. As a Soundlogik reader, you’re no stranger…

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Traktor Kontrol Z2 & Pioneer DDJ-SX: Digital DJ Explosion

We covered the leaks of the new Kontrol Z2 here, and now it’s been officially announced! Of course, always the competitor, Pioneer has now unveied its own new entrant into the digital dj domain, the DDJ-SX. These two pieces of hardware represent radical departures for both Pioneer, Serato, and Native Instruments, both in terms of…

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