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Kaytranada – Long Fortune Mix

Coming off a debut album, remixes by the dozen, a recent Boiler Room Mix as well as a Spring Mixtape for Bromance Records, Kaytranada is one of the busiest producers in the game. His latest offering is the ‘Long Fortune Mix’ for Scion Sessions. Over an hour of pure bliss, the Montreal producer lays down an exclusive…

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Lana Del Rey – Young & Beautiful (Chloe Martini Remix)

Yes we know… it’s another Lana Del Rey remix. This one, however, deserves special attention. First off, “Young & Beautiful” is the American vocalist’s recent contribution to the highly anticipated Great Gatsby film. Secondly, this remix is incredible and what makes it even more impressive is that it’s done by someone you’ve never heard of.…

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Will Saul BBC Radio1 Essential Mix

In the intro to this Essential Mix, Pete Tong puts it perfectly when he describes Will Saul as one of the ‘unsung heroes of British house music’. His importance to the scene is often underplayed and that’s part of the reason why this special mix simply needs to be heard. For those of you who…

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Liar – Alpha (ViLLAGE Remix)

Alpha is Liar’s second EP on Romanian imprint Origami Sound. With collaborative efforts from Druid Cloak and remixes by FUCKOWFSKI and ViLLAGE, the release is legitimately an instant classic. It’s the ViLLAGE remix that stands out the most from the 5-track collection and pressing play will instantly show you why that is. Nonetheless, do yourself…

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CLOSE – Beam Me Up ft. Charlene Soraia & Scuba (Scuba’s Dub of Doom)

‘Beam Me Up’ is the first single from Will Saul’s debut album under his new CLOSE alias. Entitled Getting Close, the LP will be out in June via !K7 Records. The title track is getting the remix treatment from George Fitzgerald and Hercules and Love Affair but this Scuba rework is just something else. The Hotflush boss…

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Justin Jay – Static

Justin Jay makes some seriously overweight music. Every time he puts out a track we’re shocked to see that he is capable of not only maintaining but actually elevating the fatness of his sound. Claude VonStroke can consider himself extremely lucky to have someone with this prowess on his Dirtybird roster. A few months back…

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The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather (James Lavelle Remix)

The Neighbourhood caused quite the stir last year when they released ‘Sweater Weather’. Without getting into too much detail, the song was a hit, the video was wicked and the California band inevitably put themselves on everyone’s radar. James Lavelle aka UNKLE recently took it upon himself to remix the track and it doesn’t take long…

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RIT – By My Eyes

RIT is one of those producers who has remained relatively unknown despite consistently putting out fantastic music. This is likely due to the sheer volume of analogous music that is being released in the Post Dubstep boom of recent years. The Parisian beatmaker initially came to our attention through frequent collaborations with UK producer LuQus.…

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OVERWERK – 12:30

Coming off the success of his sophomore EP After Hours, Canadian producer OVERWERK is living up to his name as he pumped out more new material today. ’12:30′ is a rework of Abba’s ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ and it’s nothing short of an absolute banger. Where we the entire EDM scene is saturated with average and like-sounding…

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Les Sins – Grind/Prelims

Chaz Bundick is coming off his latest Toro y Moi album with two new singles as his side project, Les Sins. With Caribou’s recent shift to a considerably clubbier sound, it seems fitting that ‘Grind’ and ‘Prelims’ will be released on his Jialong label. The double single 12” is due out on March 18. Hear…

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