Ali Love – Playa / Brigante’s Jungle

Ali Love – Playa / Brigante’s Jungle

Bewilderment. The scene is unreal. Dust, everywhere. People, serving purpose. Art, for art’s sake. A shared heart makes this place tick, a collective mind makes this place know. There is music. There is love. There is hope, here. This is the Playa. And it awaits those who wish to partake.

Ali Love has been making a name for himself in the underground house scene for years, featured as a vocalist on many top tracks, including collaborations with Hot Natured, as well as gaining credibility as an excellent producer. His latest original EP on Johnny White of Art Department‘s label, No.19, features both his production prowess and his great vocal chops. Playa features a deep, pulsating beat worthy of a desert party, and those who took the pilgrimage to Burning Man will surely appreciate the art within this song. Brigante’s Jungle is of faster tempo, featuring shakers and such, and encapsulates the energy within a jungle. The multi-talented Ali Love is surely one to keep tabs on, support him at the links below.

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Ali Love - Playa

Ali Love - Brigante's Jungle

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