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SoundLogik x Bass Tribe: Every Thursday Starting August 16th @ Stage Bar

We’ve been scouring the San Diego music scene for forward thinking weekly events that encapsulate the future of where electronic dance music is headed and came across a new weekly event called Bass Tribe. It’s birth seemed to be a direct result of the rising popularity of the glitchy, futuristic bass music often being played…

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Jonas Rathsman – Since I Don’t Have You

**** French Express –my favorite label right now for what its worth– is literally on a crusade. Their mission: to spread sexy tunes, love, lust and the lack thereof. They have been releasing tracks like clockwork; each one at par if not┬ásurpassing┬áthe previous release. This time its Jonas Rathsman‘s long awaited remedial track “Since I…

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SoundLogik & Friends Present: The Deep End

Sexy has been a staple adjective of house music since it’s inception. Groove has been the fundamental force behind house music’s rise. The Deep End brings sexy and groove together, where the house music aficionado can have their weekly release. SL has gotten together with Eventvibe Music and JungleSD to bring you a weekly Sunday…

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