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Dream – This Isn’t House EP

**** Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the return of Dubstep via Dream, the chosen one to bring back balance to the wub. Lately, evil forces have banned together to make shitty and unbearable dubstep that is not only widespread, but has disheartened dubstep listens across the universe… Ok, that may be a bit of an…

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Fool’s Gold Records | Clubhouse Vol.2 [Free Download]

Fool’s Gold Clubhouse is a series of free, monthly compilations featuring brand new dance records from FG friends and family, as well as an entire summer of super-hype festival stages sharing the same name. After last month’s debut which was highly regarded from fans of FG, Clubhouse is back and even bigger with Vol. 2…

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French Express Freebies: Claes Rosen | Malinchak | Moon Boots | Rogue Vogue

We’ve said virtually all that can be said about one of our favorite record labels, French Express. The way they approach music is refreshing, the way they market themselves is unique, and the way they treat their fans is generous. Countless free tracks, all of the highest quality, all with a unique sound that is…

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Gangsta Fun – California 2012 (Kicks N Licks Remix) [Free Download]

Now let me welcome everybody to the wild wild west, where the vibe is chill and the weather is blessed – and where one of our picks for breakout bass musicians of 2012 Kicks N Licks keep churning out magnificent hits. It’s no secret that KnL have the talent – their debut Infusion EP was…

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Boys Noize – XTC

Have you raged alongside Boys Noize over the last year/year and a half? Then you’ve most likely heard this teased and wondered what in the hell the song was. We certainly did, and it’s about time the techno overlord we call Boys Noize let this badboy loose. Set for release on his BNR label on…

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  Miami native JWLS, or Julio  Mejia, has become a significant influence to moombahton music. About a year ago JWLS put a 2 minute preview of his song “Bashin‘” on his soundcloud. The track instantly became a hit and was played endlessly by any DJ spinning in that 108-112 bpm range.  JWLS finally decided to release this…

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LOL Boys – Changes ft. Hearts Streets (Official Video)

Things won’t change until we do.


Introducing: Switch Fusion

Drum and Bass. One of the only electronic music genres that has been able to keep its street cred and escape the grips of mainstream culture. It’s a phenomenon really, considering that Drum and Bass is still growing, and it’s artists like the youngster from North Wales who goes by the alias of Switch Fusion…

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Gettin’ Logikal w/ Poupon: Exclusive Interview + EP collab w/ Prince Club

Elite dudes Prince Club and Poupon are amongst the rising crop of young producer/DJs currently making major waves in house music. On their own they are a each unique musical minds, offering a fresh and catchy take on house, but put them together in a studio and their collaborations reach a whole new level of…

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Climbers | 2 Come Back

Over the past few months we have fallen in love with the group hailing from Mexicali Mexico, Climbers. This group has been on a tear in the deep house scene recently with huge releases off of both Nervous and Culprit. They’re set to make more noise with their upcoming single EP off of Culprit “2…

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